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Quilt Raffle an Act of Love


January 23, 2019

Judy and her friend Juanetti with the table runner she made that day.

Judy Hawkins said, "People who live and work in your community donate bits all the time. But people like myself who have moved away aren't able to do that. It is my way of giving back to a community that gave me a great start."

She had surgery on her leg on New Year's Eve, that makes three surgeries since May so making quilts gives her a real sense of accomplishment because she's been non-weight baring for nine months. She already has Big Sandy's Library Quilt for 2019 already made.

It has nine pieces in each square with 64 squares. It's a queen size bed quilt. She and her friend Juanetti Yester have made the quilts for Big Sandy. The red ribbon quilt which is currently on display for a raffle for the Big Sandy Library right now is their third quilt they have made for the library. This Friends of the Library quilt is being raffled on Valentine's Day.

It is on display at the Big Sandy Wells Fargo bank. If you want to win this you could find a friend's member or stop into the library for more information.

Judy graduated from Big Sandy in 1966. Her maiden name was Bissewl. "I lived there 11 years. I can't do much for the community, because I don't live there now, and the library is important. I just think it is important to support the library." And so, she will continue to make quilts to support the library. She was here to see the library in the summer of 2017 and thinks the library is a wonderful addition to her home town. She reads a lot. She goes to the library every two weeks picking up four-five books each time.

Judy now lives in Bainsville Ohio, an hour east from Columbus Ohio. Making the quilts still connects her to home.


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