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February 20, 2019

“Attention Gardeners” Toby Day is in Fort Benton on February 28

Toby Day (MSU Extension Horticultural Specialist) will be in Fort Benton to teach gardeners about binomial nomenclature, soils, nutrients and fertilizers. The class will take place from 6:00-8:00 p.m. on February 28 at the Chouteau County Memorial Ambulance Building. The building is located at 810 15th Street. The class is part of the level 2 Master Gardener class, which will be taking place for eight weeks in Fort Benton.

Participants do not have to be a certified Master Gardeners to attend the program. Gardeners who attend the level 2 program do not have to become certified.

If a gardener is interested in becoming a level 2 certified Master Gardener, they will need to pass level 1, attend 16 hours of class time, pass a closed-book exam and fulfill a volunteer commitment of 20 hours.

Level 2 Master Gardener participants will learn about:

• Binomial nomenclature

• Soils, Nutrients and fertilizers

• Plant growth and development

• Insect identification

• Insects of woody ornamentals

• Diseases of woody ornamentals

• Diseases and pests of vegetables

• Extending the growing season

• Diseases and pests of trees and small fruit

• Turfgrass pests

• Plant propagation

Please contact MSU Extension Chouteau County at 622-3751 to pre-register for this class.


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