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Agronomy is the Future in Agriculture


March 13, 2019

Annie Kleinsaucer Clark

Brion Torgerson's praises his team for creating an agronomy program available to all farmers no matter what color of tractor they drive. "We are always looking forward into the future and asking where do we think the Ag business is going. Four years ago, we looked at Ag markets in the future.

There really are two areas that will define agriculture in the future: Agronomy and Precision. We are always going to have parts and services at Torgersons, which is the back bone of our business. When it's go time, we have to technicians and the parts available. That's our bread and butter."

Agriculture, farm and ranch families and farm dealerships work together to keep rural communities alive. It's knowledge, information and data. "As we look at the agronomy piece we cannot be biased. We are not pro color. Our sole desire is to provide a return on investment per acre for the farmer. We did not want it to be about promoting equipment. The sole purpose is to add value for the customer. We feel it will add longevity and loyalty to our customers." This is just the start of where agronomy will be.

To him more and more agronomy will be used. "Farming is very very fact base. We are not allowed to make too many mistakes. Margins are so tight with farming and ranching that every decision they make should be scrutinized, and that is where agronomy can come in so that decisions are fact based not just an opinion.

That is where agronomy can help." Weather patterns do change and it does affect their business, "so it becomes important to look at the forecast, moisture in the soil, when to plant, what to plant."

Ann Bits

"This is our fourth year. We started out with one agronomist and now we have six. We depended on word of mouth to get the program started. We wanted to take it slowly and do it right." They now have three agronomists in Havre, one in Great Falls, and two in Billings.

Reier and Betsy Torgerson established the first store in Ethridge, Montana in 1912 and it has been a single-family ownership for over 100 years. However, according to Brion it's more about the team at each dealership then the family.

There are nine locations in Montana. We've been working with families who have been our customers for four generations. They are proud to have relationships from generation to generation. They give the credit to the teams at those dealerships for building relationships.

Agronomy will be an important tool now and for the future. A tool that will give each family an edge.


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