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In Gratitude Beaudette's Receive a Red Sox Game


March 20, 2019

Amber and Randy Beaudette didn't want a goodbye article written when they left, and I honored their request. I do remember on one of their last nights in Big Sandy, they were sitting in an ambulance at a football game. I went over and knocked on the window. Amber rolled it down. "OK", I said. "I won't write an article for the paper, but it doesn't stop me from saying how much I appreciate you. You are both heroes as far as I am concerned. Thank You."

Last week Fire Chief Larry Ophus met me inside the Grocery Store to let me know that the local fire department and other local residence had presented to Amber and Randy Beaudette a thank you gift from Big Sandy. One they knew they would enjoy. A baseball game in Boston between the Red Sox and the New York Yankees in September.

Chief Larry Ophus said, "We thought this would give them something memorable. You can give them a plaque, but a plaque usually ends up on the wall somewhere and no one really looks at it. This way they have a lot of memories too."

Larry Ophus has researched the following information and to the best of his ability believes it to be accurate. Randy Beaudette joined the fire department in 1981. He was President of the Fire Department in 1984-1986. As the Assistant Chief, he was responsible for the ambulance between 1993-1996. Randy became an EMT in 1985. He retired from the Fire Department in 2001 after 20 years of service. Randy realized he wanted to concentrate on EMT and the ambulance services. The fire department changed their by-laws so when he retired the chief could appoint the EMT Director. He became the first and only EMT Director, until Dusty Allderdice was appointed in 2018

"In the early years prior to an EMT service people would call the fire phone and it would ring in Raymond Courtnage's, Larry Ophus's, Pep's or the Montana Motel. That is how they would get drivers and stuff." Randy Beaudette and Larry Ophus took the majority of the ambulance calls. When 911 went in they went to a pager system. "In the last 4 years Randy took 95% of the runs."

When I was writing an article on the EMT services I said to Randy he took a lot of the ambulance calls. He said simply, "I'm here, I can go. Why not go."

Larry continued, "Nine out of ten times, in an emergency you would see Amber in the hospital and Randy in the ambulance."

"Randy has taught four EMT Classes. The first was in 1989 and I'm guessing Amber became an EMT in 1989. He was an excellent teacher." Both Randy and Amber have been CPR instructors for many years. What many people don't know is that Amber would go over to private homes and set up their medications."

Larry kept the gift quiet because he knew Randy and Amber wouldn't have come to Big Sandy for the recent EMT refresher course if the news got out. He wanted to let everyone know if they want to give towards the gift they can, just contact Larry Ophus.

To be fair, Randy and Amber never wanted the recognition because in their opinion it was the team that needs to be lifted up. Their humbleness is obvious correct too. The service they provided was backed by a large number of fire department personal, EMT personal, hospital personal and they deserve to be recognized as well. Both Randy and Amber believe in giving back to their community and feel it shouldn't be rewarded. Having said that, it is nice to give them a vacation creating memories and celebrating their hearts and service. Thank You !


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