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Craig Edwards Captures the Beauty of the Golden Triangle


April 10, 2019

Craig Edwards

The Great Falls Art show was important to Craig because, "I want to share what I've done. The picture I put in the judging show wasn't because I wanted to win, but I wanted to stand out. The reason it is showcased in my room is because it is striking, because there is somebody who wants that graphic on their wall. A piece like that, might keep somebody from coming in because it says it's not about animals." The crow picture was taken on their farm.

"When I see something that I find interesting, the question is do I quit what I am doing long enough to take the picture or do I need to keep working. I was loading trucks, so I was able to take the picture of the crow between loads.

Craig developed his interest in photography after working with his father. He writes, "My father was passionate about local history and was instrumental in the construction and development of a museum in Big Sandy. Helping him with that project stoked by interest in the unique aspects of our area, which naturally led me to apply my photography skills to help with the development of the museum. My work with the museum inspired me to transition from commercial photography to Fine Art Photography. The beauty of our part of the state has long been ignored in favor of Western Montana, with its river, trees and mountains. While the "other Montana" is certainly beautiful, North Central Montanan has a unique beauty all its own."

"The Artifacts of The Prairie is his favorite picture, because all nine rounds, or the 16 round one as well, tells the story of agriculture. Each round (picture) tells a story that most represent my experience in agriculture."

He'd like people to come by and see imagines he has taken of North Central Montana. They are images that you don't see anywhere else. "We, in the east side, are underrepresented in the world of art."

He would like to write a newsletter of his photographs someday because, "I want to tell the stories behind the photographs. When they come into my room and they see something they like it is often because it reminds them of story of their own life."

A friend and peer of Craig's is Rowan Nyman, a fly fishing guide and photographer from Bozeman area. Rowan commented on Craig's art. "I think it is spectacular. I think he really captures where he is from, north central Montana. The beautiful light we get in that kind of landscape. He is really good at capturing the essence of the territory and the land where he is from or where he works. I think it comes through stunningly. He does it in a way that is artistic and photographic in the fine art work world. There is beauty in that land. It really is spectacular. Journalistic photography is reality photography, and art photography tries to capture the passion. And Craig captures his passion for the land."


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