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Elementary School Extravaganza, a wonderful event


May 29, 2019

Faith Cator potrays Travis Atkins, a Montana fallen hero

Every school year ends on the FE Miley Extravaganza event. This year on May 23rd. Every class does something special to invite the public in to see what the teacher and the students are doing. This year was especially awarding.

Every student prepared something for the public. I'll be choosing one in each class to highlight, although everyone should be recognized.

Samantha Weaver, the Kindergarten teacher, prepared a Tour Through the Kindergarten National Park. As you walked into the room you could tell that every student had prepared a presentation. I especially enjoyed the presentation about Grizzly Bears, because it is such a current topic of discussion. They had a bear drawn out on paper standing to its full height, a picture of the bear paw, and some interesting facts about grizzly bears. Autumn Witmer, Cameron Janssen, and Keira Hoffman presented their information. One of them was a little bolder than the other two, but they did a good job.

First-grade teacher Katie Hanson's theme was Under the Sea, and as you would expect it was all about sea life. James Calvao gave a complete science project review of the Sea Horse. He saw me and didn't give me a chance to leave. He started right in on his subject, knew every single detail, and enjoyed giving me the facts.

Amy Terry had her second-grade class present 12 different famous artists. I found the subject matter interesting and each student clearly liked the artist they had to give a report on. Interesting enough they clearly knew more than any of the adults they were giving the reports too. I have my favorite artists and was pleased to see Claud Monet noted for Impressionism and Modern Art. It was fun to see London Keane give her mother her presentations.

Every third grade student studied an animator. The Animation Station was Sheri Moore's idea. Each of the students were allowed to pick an animator and they had to present each one with a sample of their animations and information on each artist. A new student Natalie Lavendar had chosen Dr. Seuss, one of my favorites.

Demrece Keller's 4th-grade class once again had their Montana History Wax Museum. Each student picked a Montanian they thought should be honored. I chose Faith Cator's presentation to report on because she highlighted Montana's Medal of Honor winner, Travis Atkins from Great Falls. Two of the students gave presentations about family members; John Stuker is Jayton Ophus great grandfather and Donald Reichelt is great grandfather of Evon Sherman.

Dani Norling's 5th-grade class had presentations of Inventors from the 1700s. You could tell the students had a lot of fun preparing their presentations, for example, Thomas Crapper

James Hammons, first grader talking about his seahorse project, the first grade had an underwater theme.

invented the toilet. But the invention I loved the best was presented by Ella Mae Idleman about the first photographer, or camera because I love photography.

The 6th-grade class and Mrs. Calista Worrall presented a murder mystery. I loved it because when I talked to them they all adamantly denied being the murderer. Severin Heimbigner playing the part of Jake Wexler, a podiatrist, said, "How could I. I was in the office doing surgery on a corn!"

And if you have not visited the gifted and talented program, you would be so impressed with the projects they have created themselves.

This Extravaganza isn't just for the family to see what their students are creatively studying. It is for the entire community to see how our tax dollars are spent, how incredible our schools are, and how each student excels given the right environment.


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