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Keep Your Kids Busy This Summer


June 12, 2019

Schools out, but there are things to do this summer. The pool is open every day and the Big Sandy Library has a reading program. There are t-ball games to watch, O-Mok-See on the weekends.

When the "I'm bored" comes it doesn't hurt to have a long list of things to do. It doesn't hurt adults to have a list either. Summer is a good time, to put on your list, relax and do some fun things with the kids. Create pieces of art. Research easy science experiments. Try new fun food. Find and go walking in the Bears Paw Mountains, because there are walking trails. Rotary does have Sheehy Park for picnics and camping. Develop bike routes you can bike as a family. There is the Big Sandy Skate park, where families can start learning new skills. Or they can go just up and down the cement walls with your feet which is what a number of children do anyway.

There are great lists of activities if researched. Listing things like running through the sprinkler and why not adults. Playing tag, host a scavenger hunt. If you think about it having families over for a barbeque and having each family search together.

Nothing wrong with creating paper bag puppets, or write a story and illustrating it. Come on no one is going to see your illustrations, except your children. Just do it. Take a trip to Fort Benton to walk to Shep's monument, walk along the river, get an ice cream cone.

Climb a tree with your child, can you imagine how exciting that would be for them. Buy or make a kite. When it rains again go dancing in the rain. Jump in the puddles and get completely muddy.

Have a children's slumber party, but be completely rested up before you tackle that one. Sit down with all family members and plan an act of kindness. Do this at least once a week.

Make unique popsicles. Build a hopscotch pad and let the kids decorate.

Experts recommend very little electronic time. There is a list going around on Facebook that works for both children and adults which is things to do before plugging into electronics. First thing, make your bed. Second brush your teeth, brush tour hair, get dressed, eat breakfast, 20 minutes of reading, 20 minutes of writing/coloring, clean a room, play (exercise) outside for 20 minutes, make/build something creative, and help someone in the family. Do all these before you use electronics.


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