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Another Saturday of O-Mok-See Action


June 19, 2019

The Goodman's are new to the O-Mok-See events, and re finding it very exciting.

For Seth and Bryanna Goodman and their family this Saturday was the first time they participated ever in an O-Mok-See. "It's a good family experience." They all stood by the fence, with their horse, waiting for one of the children's names to be called. It was a children's race as mom or dad ran along-side the horse as their children rode in the saddle. Tommy is the name of their horse. "He is a really good little pony."

Bryanna said, "Ya, this is fun, I'm really excited we can be a part of this." She went on to say that they have lived here for the last seven years and "we didn't know this was a thing. We would have been out here watching." Someone one finally told them, after they got their pony.

One of their children was holding a plastic bag with cut apples in it. Tommy, the pony, was very gentle, but he was letting him know he wanted an apple. The small child opened his bag and offered the apple. Gently, Tommy took the apple from the little hand.

Seth's sister, husband and family have moved to Big Sandy five days ago. They have five children and are rodeo people. He said his sister and he were in 4-H which had racing and other events similar to what they were doing here. So, they were enjoying the day watching their children race.

In the back ground, they were announcing the riders, their times and the events: Poles, Western Jump, 3 Pole Weave, Speed Barrels, Arena Race, and Pair Turn and Burn. The arena has enough room for three racing lanes which have automatic timers where the individual races are down and back. They, the horse and rider, have to weave through a variety of poles or barrels sometimes jumping over another pole across the lane. The paired event is when the two horses and riders are connected by riders holding on to a ribbon and completing the race and not letting go. Children are encouraged to ride, even if the horse is run through by another person running along-side the horse. The announcer is clear and easy to hear.

There are four more O-Mok-See scheduled; June 23, July 14, 27 and August 11. They are free to the observer and there are stands to sit in. Gramma's are watching there, and when asked they are also remembering when their children ran.


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