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School Board Discuss Immunization and Dress Code


July 24, 2019

The School Board held their meeting at the usual time. All school personnel and board members were present except Brad Weaver.

Maintenance this summer includes new flooring at the FE Miley Kindergarten Room and the 1st and 2nd-grade classrooms. At the high school, the resource room is getting a new paint job, but all the old paint needed to be removed first as it is peeling. There was also some cement work required. During some strong rainstorms, there were some water leaks in the football room and Heather Woolery's office.

The Big Sandy Pioneer charter bus has been fixed. Thanks to a Big Sandy personnel who found a different mechanic who charged far less than the quote which was previously given. Good thing too because there are long road trips this year in various sports.

Travis Bauman reported some computers were already here. There is a new Wi-Fi stream for connections for teachers and students. Guest Monday through Friday 5:00-AM- 7:45 AM and 5:00 PM to 9:00 PM, weekends 5:00 AM to 9:00 PM will be given passwords to a different Wi-Fi stream.

The possibility of Big Sandy having a new tennis/basketball court was discussed once again. Thomas Dilworth led the discussion because he has discovered that with volunteer help, he could rework the numbers and got the estimated cost down to $65,000. The Board has asked him to raise $30,000, and then they will put $5,000 towards the project. They currently have $15,000 from the Lippard-Clawiter. However, because the possible dollars are already almost there, they permitted him to go forward with the project starting to seriously plan for the project The tennis courts were last worked on in 1994 by the Homecoming committee.

If a student outside the Big Sandy school district wants to come to Big Sandy to go to school, they need to request permission to do so. Some have asked to go to Big Sandy from the North Star and Fort Benton school districts.

Assistant sports coaches and volunteers were voted on. Tucker Taylor Big Sandy history teacher will be the assistant football coach. Shawn Webster will be a volunteer as a football assistant coach as well. Both Larry and Taylor will be the Jr High Football coach as the schedule games are at different games. They will have different practice schedules.

The new volleyball coach is Brittany McKenney. The school board will need to have a special meeting to hire an assistant volleyball before the season starts.

The Board spent a considerable amount of time going through the different policies. The following is the new wording concerning immunizations: "The Montana Immunizations Law was changed during the 2015 legislative session. Students will not be admitted to school until evidence of immunization is shown. There is no longer a personal exemption. Students who wish to claim a religious exemption must file a religious exemption affidavit on an annual basis. Students whose records are incomplete will not be admitted until evidence of immunization status is presented.

"The Board requires all students to present evidence of their having been immunized against the following diseases; varicello, diphtheria, pertussis (whooping cough), poliomyelitis, measles (rubeolo), mumps, rubello, and tetanus in the manner and with immunizing agents approved by the department. Haemophilus influenza type "b" immunization is required for students under age five (5). (see Board Policy 3413)".

There is also a new dress code for elementary students for the first time it reads. "Dress Code--Considering that not all clothes are suitable for an educational setting. Big Sandy schools have developed minimal requirements for school dress. Listed below are the minimum standards of acceptable. Other dress may be deemed inappropriate if it creates an obvious distraction to the educational setting. Students sent home to change will be considered unexcused absence from class. Dress for both girls and boys are to be neat, clean, and appropriate for school. T-shirt, sweatshirt or jackets that make reference to sex, drugs, and alcohol and/or tobacco products are prohibited. Shirts must be long enough to top of their pants. Caps and hats may not be worn in school. Clothing must able to cover all parts of a student's undergarments. Dress with excessive hole is not appropriate. Chains, as well as necklaces and bracelets with sharp spikes, are not allowed. Shorts, skirts or dresses may be worn if they are an appropriate length, such as long enough that an individual's arms hanging at their sides are even with the garment."

The Board did approve the above wording; however, the minutes of this meeting will not be approved until their meeting in August.

The Board hired 20 substitute teachers and three new aide positions; Brittany Sherburn – Elementary Paraprofessional, Stephanie Overby-1st grade Paraprofessional Special Education, and Serena Cator – Junior High Paraprofessional Special Education. There is still no Junior High Math nor a Gifted and Talented teacher hired.


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