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End of summer Party at Library


August 7, 2019

This summer the local library has held summer reading programs for kids of all ages. The library always encourages involvement in learning and reading. This summer, the kids have gone beyond their expectations and had a blast at the library.

This last Thursday the library had an end of summer party for all the kids who participated in the summer reading program. There was plenty of volunteers to help with the activities. The volunteers' help made the day run smoothly. All the kids had a blast making bracelets and building rockets. The theme of the library this summer was space and planets; rocket building was a great way to end the program. The kids loved the theme and had a wonderful time at the party.

All the kids we're given challenges each week and expected to read over the summer to reach their goal of nine hundred hours. All the kids read and brought in their challenges and reached fourteen hundred hours! The librarians were very proud of the kids and hope for the same results next year.

There were prizes given to the top readers of the groups. For school age kids there were three top readers: Isaac Fasteson with ninety-seven hours, Cameron Janssen with eighty-seven hours, and Ella Idelman with eighty hours. For the Pre K group there was four top readers: Holden Janssen with sixty five hours, Brooklyn Cline with fifty hours, Kirren Overbay with forty hours, and Jaxon Kulbeck with forty hours as well.

The main prizes, Wells Fargo horses, were kindly donated by Wells Fargo. The rest of the prizes were bought by the library. The two librarians, Stephanie Overbay and Darlene Cline, organized all of the games and activities throughout the summer. The library hopes for more participates next year. The program was an amazing success and the party was a great way to wrap up the summer.


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