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Creative Writing Club to start


October 2, 2019

Creative Writing Club will start Monday October 7th after school. Any grade school student in grades 3rd -6th are welcome to come. Depending on the number of students I might need parent to volunteer to support their child.

We need healthy snacks to eat right after school for the club will last for one hour and the students will need to be picked up around 4:45-4:50.

The purpose is to encourage creative thinking, learning how to use more powerful words. We will be using a thesaurus to help them write better. It will not be my job to teach them to write in sentences or for that matter to use correct grammar, that is the teachers job. I just want them to learn the magic of words.

Please be sure your child wants to write, I am not a babysitter. Also, they need to know how to write.

We do play some games to encourage more creative thought process.

This year the older students will be writing a FE Miley School Newspaper. Younger students may submit articles, art work, photographs, jokes, interviews, etc. However, the older students who have been in the writing club before have editorial rights.

You can call me with questions at 378-2176 (Mountaineer).


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