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Support Group for Parents with Children


October 16, 2019

There is a new Parent Support Group starting in Big Sandy. It is for parents of kids with medical and special needs.

Rachel Baumgarn is starting the group. According to her she has discovered once again, that Colby and her, raise their children with the support of the community. It is difficult to raise children with medical needs and often parents of children with learning disabilities face peers that do not understand why their child acts a certain way. A poster that Rachel built for the Facebook says, “Parenting is hard, and it is made even harder when we tack on medical and special needs.” She would like to create a group “where families can come together and take time to get support from other parents in our area struggling to raise their child of different needs.”

This is a first group of its kind forming in Big Sandy. We have a number of children with medical issues in our community. Likewise, there are a number of children with learning disabilities as well. It will be a wonderful support system for parents as they tackle the unique parent challenges they face. The first meeting will take place October 23 at 2:30-4:00 in the meeting room of the Big Sandy Library. Please contact Rachel Baumgarn at 781-8276 or at or visit the Facebook page “Dealing with life.”


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