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The Mystery of the Three Missing Girls


October 30, 2019

Hello class. As you know, its Halloween. I’m Jenna, and my book report is about the Mystery of the Three Missing Girls. So, it all started about 40 years ago on this day.

There was a girl named Sarah, another girl named Maddie and another girl named Ginger.

Jenna clears her throat and starts telling her story, “Maddie,” Sara asked.

“Yes,” Maddie replied. “Do you like Halloween?’

“Ahhh, I guess, Maddie said.

“What about you, Ginger?”

“No, not really, said Ginger, “Hey Sarah, what do you like about Halloween?”

“Ah, I don’t really…”


“What was that, said Maddie.

“I don’t know,” says Sarah

Jenna’s class was getting sacred. “Class calm down,” said Ms. Burn. “It’s just a story.”

“OK,” said the class. “Let’s move on,” said Ms. Burn.

“Where was I,” said Jenna.

“So, Ginger and Sarah, we should go see what that noise was,” said Maddie.

“OK with me,” said Ginger.

Sarah agreed, “It came from the cafeteria.”

“I think it came from the bathroom,” said Ginger.

“No, it came from the speech room,” Maddie said. Each of the girls looked at each other funny. “How about we all split up and go our own ways.”

“OK.” All three of the girl agreed in unison.

So, Maddie went to the speech room; she saw something, and then she screamed. “AHHHH”

It turns out it was just a mouse.

Sarah went to the lunchroom, she heard the noise getting closer. BOOM, BOOM, BOOM

And then, “AHHHHH.”

‘What’s that” she whispered to herself. Then she tried to run, but it grabbed her leg in less than a second. She tried calling for help, but the creature covered her mouth.

“But Jenna,” said Hoover, a classmate of Jenna, “what about Ginger?”

Jenna said, “I’m getting there, Hoover! Back to the story!”

So, Ginger went into the bathroom, she checked every stall, and there was nothing.

“I wonder if Maddie or Sarah found anything,” Ginger said to herself as she walked out of the bathroom.

“Hi, Maddie,” said Ginger. “Hey Ginger, did you see anything?”

“No,” said Maddie. “Just a mouse. What about you, Ginger?”

“Nothing,” said Ginger.

“What about Sarah”

“She must be in the lunchroom still,” said Maddie.

“Well, let’s go check.”

As they walked into the lunchroom, they saw nothing. “Sarah? Sarah?” They called.

“Sarah, quit trying to scare us,” said Maddie.

“Sorry, guys,” Sarah said.

But Jenna said to her classmate, “However, neither Maddie and Ginger knew that Sarah had been hypnotized so that she would take her friends…..”

“You spot anything thing,” said Ginger, “no nothing,” said Sarah.

Sarah whispered to herself. “Yes, and I will give them to the creature. Wahahahah.”

“What did you say, Maddie?”

“Oh, I was just wondering if you spotted anything.”

“Nope,” they both said. “We should probably go back to class.”

“Yes,” they all agreed.

As they walked to the classroom, Sarah decided to hide. So, she could put her plot into action. Maddie was her first shot. As Maddie was behind Ginger, Sarah grabbed her. Maddie tried to run and call for help, but Sarah grabbed her in less than 2 seconds.

“Sarah, what are you doing?” asked Maddie.

“I am taking you to the creature.”

“But Jenna, where did Ginger go,” another classmate asked. “I am getting there, Willow, was Jenna’s response.

So, Ginger walked into the classroom, “Hi, Mrs. Cadaver.”

“Hi, Ginger. Where are Maddie and Sarah.”

“I don’t know. They must have gone to the bathroom. I will go check.”

As Ginger walked into the bathroom, she saw nothing, and she never saw Sarah or Maddie ever again. “The End.”

“Any questions?” asked Jenna.

Hoover said, “How do you know this story. You never read it in a book!”

“Well, my grandmother is Ginger, and no one knew what happened to her. After my grandmother went to the bathroom the seconded time, she just disappeared. They still say that the creature walks amongst us every Halloween night. So be careful. This year is the anniversary of the creature. So, make good decisions. Don’t make bad ones, because it will wake the creature.”

The End Wahahahahahah!!


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