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October 30, 2019

Winter Squash – Quick and Easy Prep is possible

Wondering what you are going to do with all the winter squash you grew? Or, maybe you love to eat winter squash but have a difficult time peeling and cutting it raw? This is another great reason to let your pressure cooker do the work for you. Whether you have a stove top or an electric pressure cooker, you will get the same great results. Directions are written using the electric pressure cooker. If you need assistance applying this to a stove top pressure cooker, please contact me at the Extension Office.

Here is how easy it is.

1. Fill your inner pot with about 1.5 cups water.

2. Slice winter squash in half. Remove seeds.

3. While you can put each half in the inner pot, cutting them into smaller wedges will decrease the cooking time.

4. Arrange skin side down in inner pot.

5. Pressure cook 5-10 minutes. Time will range due to size of wedges and the desired level of doneness.

6. Quick/normal release pressure.

7. Remove the wedges using tongs and place on cutting board or in bowl.

8. Scoop out pulp and use in soups or any other recipes which use mashed or pureed winter squash. This is also excellent as fresh, homemade baby food.

Just in time for the holiday cooking coming up, get some practice in using the pressure cooker and you will have a quick and simple winter squash menu item checked off your list for those holiday meals.

Do not forget the nutritional value of winter squash. It is high in beta carotene which is converted by the body to Vitamin A. It is also high in complex carbohydrates and fiber.

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