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F.E. Miley sings the sounds of Christmas


December 11, 2019

For some, the FE Miley School program has been six years in the making. For others, it was their first one. For me, it is always my favorite concert. It could be that I love Christmas, or it could be I love children playing instruments they are still learning on. I also love how the little girls dress up and feel so pretty. I love watching the littlest coming out on to the stage, scared and shy, looking for their mom or dad, or anybody they know. See their faces light up when they find them, and then the great big smile and big wave. I love how teaching them to be on stage and not fearing it is accomplished. I love how their voices blend, how they smile and dance, and celebrate the music and the season.

Around the stage was artwork completed by the 4-6th graders. Colorful Santa's and traditional Santa decorate the area.

The concert started with all the instrument selections. The fifth-grade band played three songs, actually with few squeaks and squawks this year. The band was followed by a trumpet duet by Joshua Hagen and Jaxon Jones playing Lightly Row. The six-grade band also performed three songs. There were three trios, Heather Frank, Ella Idleman, and Brianna Terry; Lindsey Cline, Brooke Cope, and Jamie Jones; and Wesley Cox, Dolan Sunchild, and Logan Witmenr.

These were followed by the 4th graders playing a rather long first-time song, Deck the Halls.

Three young women played the piano, Ella Idleman, Astrid Ketchum, and Harley Labuda and Nona Danreuther with a piano Duet.

The concert ended on chorus selections. K-1st grade sang and dance through two songs; Grooving' Elf and One Snowman Two. The 2nd-3rd graders sang O Come All Ye Faithful and Nice Not Naughty. The K-1st graders came back out together. They all sang Jingle Bell Dash.

The 4th-6th graders sang three songs, On the road to Bethlehem, Fiesta De Navidad, and Christmas Night.

Every single child came back on to the stage to sing Joy to the World.


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