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Big Sandy Choir PBS Nomination


January 22, 2020

The Big Sandy music program has built itself into a talented, respectable program. Under the direction of Mrs. Amanda Robertson, Big Sandy’s past music director, the Big Sandy band and choir became noticeable and started to shine in bright lights. This Monday, January 20th, the Big Sandy Choir will be performing on the PBS network live in Bozeman, Montana.

The Big Sandy choir and band did very well the district and state music festival in 2019. There were over twenty students who went to state in solos and ensembles. The band and choir also received ones at district music festival for their beautiful performances. During this time Mrs. walker, another previous music director, took the place of Mrs. Robertson and helped the students receive the best rating possible. All the performances were wonderful and showed the growth and potential the music program has.

This year the Big Sandy choir, along with a few other high school choirs, was nominated for an amazing opportunity. Mr. Bond, the current music director, is taking the choir to Bozeman this Monday. The students will be performing two songs at the PBS station. The first song they will sing will be live and played on the PBS station network. This song will be “Peace on Earth” and will also feature a few soloists. The second song they will be singing will be recorded and played sometime this spring. That song will be “Freedom Song”. Both songs have been performed at previous concerts and will be perfected for the PBS performance. The choir is very excited to share their voices and be featured as a pristine high school choir.

The Big Sandy also appreciates the support from the community. The music program raised over 2,000 dollars in their annual fundraiser and most of that comes from the support of the community. The Christmas, Veterans, and Spring concerts are always a success because of the community support and that is part of the reason the music program is becoming so successful. The music program is growing and thriving because of the inviting community we are surrounded by. Hopefully, everyone can turn on the PBS station and listen to the wonderful sound of the Big Sandy Choir! PBS Montana will air the episode some simte in March.


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