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CHS Elevator Closer continues to draw discussion


February 12, 2020

I did reach out to CHS Big Sky General Manager Keith Schumacher for further questions and explanations. He responded to me saying, "Lorrie thanks you for reaching out to me, however I will have to respectfully decline."

There was a farmer meeting at the Big Sandy Fire Hall to discuss everyone concerns. They would like to meet with the board of CHS Big Sky. This will take place towards the end of February.

I thought it interesting the following wording taken from their website: "CHS Big Sky is a Farmer-owned with global connections cooperative."

"Our cooperative is one of many company-owned, locally-governed ag service centers that are part of CHS Inc., the nation's leading farmer-owned cooperative, committed to delivering value and helping its owners grow. Our member-owners and customers are connected from locations close to home in Big Sandy, Broadview, Chinook, Columbus, Denton, Geraldine, Great Falls, Harlem, Havre, Kershaw, Lewistown, Malta, Moccasin, Rudyard, Turner and Winifred, Mont., to essential global markets."

"At CHS Big Sky our first priority is to help our farmer-owners and customers grow. This means providing quality products, the latest in innovation, and first-class customer service. As agriculture and our communities evolve, we are committed to staying at the forefront of the industry. Locally, we employ a knowledgeable and professional staff to assist you with your agricultural, home and business needs."

"From harvesting and selling your crop to custom fertility and crop protection solutions we're here to support your growth and help you build the business you want."

It continues to say, "Connected to Something Bigger--Succeeding in today's dynamic global agriculture environment is not a solo act – it's about being part of something bigger. Through the CHS cooperative system, we are strategically linked to products, services and market opportunities beyond our region that deliver value for your business. This connection will deliver long-term benefits as we continue to invest in opportunities that meet your future needs."

And from the CHS website it reads, "What is a cooperative? Cooperatives are built on principles rooted in collaboration, democracy, economic participation and social responsibility. They are owned and governed by members who use their products, supplies or services, and they exist to provide value for their members. In a cooperative system, people come together to increase buying power, access goods and services, and create economic opportunity."


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