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Big Sandy Booster Club to donate FE Miley sign


March 18, 2020

The Big Sandy Booster Club voted to donate a sign to the FE Miley Elementary School. They were given three designs to choose from, and the design with the most votes was ordered and will be put in place on the front of the building before the end of school. (see picture above)

There were discussions in many areas, with research still being looked at for each before making any further decisions. The following areas were discussed at length: Pioneer clothing and what should be done or not done at Homecoming, and the Video System for NFHS at the school is being installed. Also discussed were tables for concessions, new padded Pioneer chairs, new lockers to replace some of the old lockers in the Boy's locker room, A sign showing where the bathrooms are at the football field, molding to finish the cardio room and bathroom. It was also mentioned that the Pioneer padding under the baskets in the main gym is starting to fail.

The Booster Club is looking for somebody to take over the calendars starting next year. There was a discussion about changes that could take place on the Community Calendars.

Anna Bold was sick, but she is continuing to build and find support for a new cement pad at the FE Miley School to replace the cement that is crumbling at the basketball pad.

Duane Olson, a wrestler from Big Sandy, was inducted into the MSH Hall of Fame, and the Booster Club would like to see that he receives the necessary acknowledgment. Research on how to have that completed by Homecoming has already started.

Crystal Geyer, Manager of the Senior Citizens center, told the members that 5-15 people came to the center to watch the basketball games on TV together. She wanted to thank the Booster club for purchasing the web site. Everyone enjoyed eating together and watching the game.

Monika Winderl, the art teacher at the Big Sandy schools, will be putting on an art show along with music presented by students from Big Sandy sometime in April. This event will take place at the Big Sandy City Hall. Moinika was at the Booster club meeting, asking for support to purchase display boards for the event. The Booster Club agreed to help buy a display board, but she will need to get assistance from other organizations as well.


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