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Chouteau County Environmental Health COVID-19 Guidance for Restaurant


May 6, 2020

To open the local restaurants, there are several rules they must follow. The Mint will be opening while following these guidelines as well as Ma's in Loma. Peps will not be opening and will continue to serve the community as they have over the last month. Ma's will also be open only by reservation if you want to sit inside, as Greg Bouchard reported he is removing six tables and will not be able to allow anyone in once the tables are full. Please call ahead for reservations at 406-739-4400 or if you want to order your food and pick it up through the drive-through window. The Mint will have its doors open but are required to close by 11:30. Peps will continue to cook and serve the public through the window in the front. Each has talked about the concerns of making the rules workable. Bear Paw Bakery will not be opening

All three, the Mint, Ma's, and Pep's, expressed sincere gratitude to Chouteau County residents for ordering food and allowing them to continue to serve. They said everyone is genuinely wonderful, and they have received great support.

Chouteau County Environmental Health came to each business and gave them a list of the rules that govern them as or when they open. I quote directly from the COCID-19 Guidance Document.

"During all Phases: --A specific cleaning plan must be implemented, and employees trained on proper sanitation practices. All surfaces occupied must be cleaned between customers, including tables, chairs, booths, and highchairs. Table items, including condiments, menus, napkins, and décor, should be removed from the table unless they can adequately be cleaned between customers. Menus must be cleaned between customers (or be throw-away menus). Growlers and refillable or reusable containers must be cleaned before being refilled. Gaming machines must be adequately cleaned between customers. Customer areas, as well as kitchens, shall be equipped with several locations of sanitized wiping solutions (bleach and water) and hand sanitizers for customers when available. EMPLOYEE HEALTH-Health assessments should be conducted for all employees at the beginning of each shift. Temperatures check at the beginning of each shift with a temperature of less than 100. Keep a log. Employees who have a fever, cough, loss of smell or taste, or shortness of breath need to be sent home until symptoms are resolved. If and when cases occur within food service workers or customers. Operations can expect thorough follow up on contact measures likely resulting in a temporary closure "

"During Phase 1-Capacity must be 50% of normal to allow for adequate group spacing. The tables must be limited to 6 people per table. Establishments must provide for 6 feet of physical distancing between groups and or tables by increasing table space, removing tables or marking tables as closed or by providing a physical barrier between tables; or back to back booth seating provides adequate separation. Drink refills are not allowed. Self-service condiments should be eliminated. Sitting at bars or counters is not allowed. In bars, drinks and food must be served to customers at a table. Operational gaming machines must be separated by the 7-foot center

to center. Machines must be placed out of service if adequate spacing cannot be assured. In house dining or quick-service restaurants should remain closed if all guidelines can't be met, including the cleaning of every table area between customers. NOT ALLOWED CURRENTLY: SALAD BARS OR CUSTOMER SELF-SERVICE. When permitted at a future date, special attention should be given to self-service options and salad bars (with adequate sneeze guards) to retain a 6-foot separation between customers and to avoid the use of commonly handled utensils. Self-service cups, straws, and lids should be behind a counter and handed to customers. Bars and restaurants will be closed at 11:30."


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