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Big Sandy Barracuda Swim Team forms although future unclear


June 3, 2020

Coach Travis Baumann giving some tips to a Barracuda.

The Big Sandy Barracuda's swim practice is started June 2, according to Travis Baumann head coach with a 5:45 AM older/Advance Swimmers starting time. Connie Reichelt will be working again this year with the younger kids between 8:00-9:00 each morning, and between 4:15-4:45 will be the intermediate swimmers. Travis said, "I can't thank Connie enough. "She does an amazing job with the little kids." Currently, there is between 36-38 kids wanting to be on the swim team, with the possibility of maybe two more, it could be 40 kids wanting to compete this year.

However, the future isn't even clear what will happen this summer. Travis said, "I had a long talk with Ron Barnhill, Conrad, President of the Federation, we don't know if we will even have a swim meet this year." We still have to follow the governor's guidelines, and they are looking for a plan that will work.

In every town, the city council must agree with the plans to even open up the pools. Swim teams are looking for ways to develop strategies and are still having meetings with different city councils.

"It isn't going to look like a normal meet where we have 200-400 swimmers plus family members present." Pools have to be only at 50% capacities.

Even practices will be run differently as kids will need to show up with their swimsuits on and leave with the swimsuits on. The shower will not be turned on.

"Kids invest so much time in practice; we really work our kids hard." So he is hoping there will be a chance to compete. "I'm excited the kids get to have practice. Some towns are just going to do land practice. So, the kids have something to do."

"One of the suggestions is to divide up the current divisions even further. We still don't know what it will look like. The federation is working really hard to come up with a plan. Maybe we will only have one meet."

"I'm excited that Big Sandy gets to have practice. Some are just having land practice. It's good because they get out and get exercise and sun."

Pools can be opened; it does take more work. Travis commented, "I commend the (Big Sandy) city council for opening our pool, it's good for the kids of Big Sandy. I'm super happy our city council understands the need for our kids, not just swim team kids, to get out and be able to swim."

"It will be an interesting year."


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