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Voting in 2020


October 28, 2020

The 2020 Primary Elections had higher than normal turnout. Statewide there are 696, 262 Registered Voters; of that 382,072 voted making it a 54.87% turnout. Chouteau County has 3,490 registered voters; 2,244 voted for a 64% turnout.

Voting is a privilege. I have a friend that lives in Australia. She just recently reminded me that voting is mandatory in Australia. If you don’t vote you receive a “hefty” fine. About 8-10% just scribble on the ballot, but it stills means that 90-92% of the voters make the decisions of the direction of the country.

Fourteen counties have higher percentage of voter turnout than Chouteau County. Garfield and Liberty have a 76% voter turnout. Petroleum 74%; Three have 72%--Golden Valley, McCone, and Wibaux; Judith Basin and Fallon 71%; Powder River and Treasure 70%; Carter 69%; Meagher 68%; Wheatland 67%; and Teton 65%.


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