Getting By

To continue the theme of American Diabetes month in November, self-care for people with diabetes is important and necessary to manage the chronic condition. Self-care can help people with diabetes feel better and reduce the risks of complications. Diabetes targets individuals differently which makes it challenging. However, there are several ways to help individuals self-manage their own diabetes. Monitoring is one of the ways discussed in this article.

First, monitoring blood sugar is key. Knowing what the blood sugar levels will help a person with diabetes know if their treatment(s) are keeping them within their targeted range. Keeping track of blood sugar helps to know if different foods, activity and medication(s) affect the blood sugar in positive or negative ways. Knowing this will help prevent sudden spikes or drops in blood sugar.

Monitoring blood pressure, weight, sleep, mood, cholesterol, eyes, teeth, kidneys and feet are all very important as well. To track and monitor these, it is critical for people with diabetes to have a healthcare team they see on a regular basis. As discussed earlier, diabetes is challenging. One of those challenges is it is a condition which changes without even knowing. Signs or symptoms may be delayed, showing up too late. People with diabetes should seek healthcare professionals who they feel comfortable with and are willing to listen and work with the patient on an individual level.

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