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November 14 Town Council Meeting


November 17, 2021

During Public Comment, Lorrie Merrill informed the council that it would cost $380 for each main street user to use a camera to look and see if there are any issues with their sewer. They recommend doing it closer to the spring because any makers they would make now would not be visible in the spring. Lorrie said she would get the contact information to everyone along the main street.

There will be a significant donor visiting Big Sandy this week to consider a pool donation. Wendy also fixed the bookkeeping accounts to make sure we were in better compliance with the accountant’s recommendation.

There was no new Storm Drain information, except bids will soon be requested.

Wendy reported the Annual Financial Report is completed.

MDT map of annual projects has been completed for next year. The council informed Wendy to let them know of the main street/Storm Drain project approaching the highway this spring.

They voted in the USDA election

Under Old Business, the Big Sandy Community Decay Ordinance has been sent to the Chouteau County Attorney, who recommended a small change in wording. They are now waiting on the town’s lawyer to review the ordinance.

Thomas Dilworth and Big Sandy Organics are still working on enlarging the business in Big Sandy. He has no official results but will let the city know as soon as anything becomes official.

Committee reports: The water pipes for the incoming water supply is at Chester. Public Works reported they had placed rubber mulch on the playground at the skate park. The city also mentioned that it would need to dig and check water connections to make sure they are not corroding. The clerk brought forward the water shut-off list. It was discussed that the new ordinance is very clear about shut-off dates, and if the total amount is not paid, the water will be shut off.

At the end of every agenda, there is always a section for “any business to be brought before the council.” Krystle Kulbeck informed the board there might be a significant issue in January as they approach the federal mandate that all (100%) of medical personnel have COVID-19 shots. The Big Sandy Medical Center will not have 100% compliance.

The next City Council meeting is on December 9.


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