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Mountaineer Increases rates


December 15, 2021

I have now owned the Mountaineer for two years. It’s been a great learning opportunity, as I have never owned a town-down business before. It is amazing what businesses are required to do.

I struggled through Covid-19, and with the help of a couple of grants, I was able to make it through. However, I have to take a serious look at income and what I have to payout. I have delayed this decision as long as I can. I am increasing the cost of the paper by $5 a year. Within Chouteau County, the Mountaineer costs $38 a year. It will now cost $43 a year. Out of County costs $40 a year and will now cost $45 a year. This price change will take effect January 1, 2022.

I will be looking at advertisement ads as well. Still, before I do, I want to visit with those businesses who have steadfastly supported your local newspaper and ask for their opinion


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