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The School Board met for their monthly meeting


March 30, 2022

It was reported that the sanitation inspection went well as they were impressed with how we cleaned and disinfected the classrooms.

Kelly Haaland reported on the progress for the annex and gym access. Richard Roth and Nathan Merrill are working with a community effort. He encourages people to look on the web page for the link for gym access. They will be forming a committee to discuss how things are working out. Mainly there needs to be better communication and better regulations in the future.

A new student from out of the district was approved to attend the school here, because they have family here.

Rich Jesperson said he would be willing to substitute; however, the board tabled all discussions of substitutes until they have a complete list given to them in July.

Travis Baumann was approved as a volunteer for track coaching. He will be helping with the high jump. A large number of students, 29 junior high athletes, will be involved in the junior high track this year. Ella Jurenka, who is helping with long and triple jumps as a volunteer, has been hired to help because no one coach can handle 29 students’ athletics. There will always be at least two coaches at every track meet.

The board approved a budget. The public will hear more about this as it is $10,000 more than last year. It will need to be approved by the voters.

The negotiations between the board and Kelly Haaland to determine his contract is ongoing.


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