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August 3, 2022

Nothing brings more joy than running into kids who want to share their lives with me. I love the park right next to the Mountaineer and walking on the sidewalk by the library. Of course, I have to know them before I join in their conversations, but that is one of the great opportunities we have in Big Sandy. We are a small community, and we know each other.

After recently resigning from the Big Sandy Senior Center Board, I am still looking forward to my involvement with the Senior Center because I am a senior, after all. It has become clear to me the importance of stimulating minds, including my own. I have asked Brenda Darlington to use me on a committee for programs.

I saw a picture recently that said, Be brave enough to suck at something new. I was thinking, for example, of art. I've always wanted to be artistic. I love art, but I would suck at it-and so what? Trying something new stimulates the mind.

COVID for sure shut down the adventure spirit in many of us, and the gas price now keeps us at home. Programs at the Senior Center will be enormously important as we go forward. They will build a better community, stimulate our minds, and create an atmosphere of joy and celebration.

I want the adults and the seniors in our community to be able to express and to live in the joy of their relationships.


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