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Gasvoda and Wagoner sign letters of intent, Football and Track


March 1, 2023

Rusty Gasvoda is going to Western in Dillon. Suppose you haven't heard the story; Rusty never sent a videotape to them. Instead, someone from a different school, the Pioneers, played sent a tape and saw Rusty in that film and wanted to know who he was. I will probably redshirt the first year." He is glad to have the opportunity to redshirt because it gives him time to adjust from 6-man to 11-man football.

Besides the opportunity to play football there, Rusty said, "I like the town of Dillion; the school was cool! Lots of different opportunities." He also said he looked forward to classes in a block schedule system. I had to ask because I didn't know what he was talking about. He will take one class for three hours a day for 18 days. Then it switches to a different class. Very few colleges use a block schedule system. Rusty is taking Business.

Eva Wagoner is going to Carroll in Helena. Getting a scholarship is the icing on the cake; it makes Carroll affordable. But her reasons for going there is not just a couple of scholarships. "The location is the number one reason. It's one hour away to Great Falls, two hours away from Big Sandy, three hours away from Kalispell, and one hour away from Bozeman." She loves the area too. So much to do there.

Eva said the number one reason is "class size and the learning environment. The academics at the school is excellent. It is an excellent area for internship programs too. Several opportunities for internship every summer, and that helps set you up for jobs afterward."

Eva is going to take Environmental science. She had the opportunity to talk to the Professor, the head of the Department. She expanded the program, making it more hands-on rather than lab oriented. "It is everything I hoped for. We will be taking a float trip to the white rocks for five days before my sophomore year. Trips to Yellowstone and Glacier are planned. And a few other opportunities." Eva loves the outdoors, and she connected to the program because its design is about working and doing your career outdoors.

Even though Eva has a torn ACL and has at least a nine-month recovery from the injury, Carroll has honored their track scholarship, saying they didn't offer a scholarship for what you would do this spring. "I really like the track coach. And the whole team!"

"The whole college centers around their motto that Carroll is a family. They talk about that, but you can see it when you are there. It feels like someone has your back when you are there. They are open to everybody, even if it's a catholic college."

Both Big Sandy students' choices mean "A new area, new people, and new experiences!"


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