Pioneer Tracksters have been busy lead up to Districts

This past week the Pioneer tracksters participated in three track meets. The first being the Jason Groseclose Memorial where there were 11 teams and both the girls and boy’s teams placed 2nd place. The 2nd meet was the Top 8 meet, (not all Pioneers participated), and the last one was the Havre Lion track meet where there were 22 teams. The Pioneer track team will be in Havre this week, at the District track meet on the 8th.

Wendy Taylor, head coach said, “Our coaching staff couldn’t be prouder of all the athletes and how well they have trained, putting in the hard work this year to be competitive. There have been lots of positive results with PRs every single meet by athletes in multiple events. We are looking forward to a great districts with lots of athletes slated to advance onto divisionals.

Here are the results of all the above mentioned track meets:

Jason Groseclose Memorial: Girls Results:

100m: Elaina Weaver 1st place 14.8, Lainey Terry 6th place 15.8

200m: Heather Frank 2nd place 34.1, Lainey Terry 4th place 35.5

400m: Elaina Weaver 1st place 1:15, Heather Frank 3rd place 1:16

3200: Brianna Terry 3rd place 19:21

4x4 relay: 5:20, 3rd place (PR), Lainey Terry, Carmen Tan, Alex Worrall, Elaina Weaver

Shot Put: Brianna Terry 8th place 25-06

Discus: Lainey Terry 5th Place 78-0, Brianna Terry 62-03, Elaina Weaver 60-07

Javelin: Brianna Terry 64–00

Long Jump: Heather Frank 4th place (PR), 11-12

Boys Results:

100m: Karter Jurenka 5th place 12.6, Braxton Hajenga 10th 13.2, Jaesun Yirsa 13.4, Sonny Phillips 17.4, Chase Gasvoda 17.8

200m: Karter Jurenka 3rd place 26.9

400m: Josh Hagen 4th place 1:14

800: Quinn Rodewald 4th place 2:37

110H: Braxton Hajenga 3rd place 21.4

4x100 relay (no names): 1:11 8th place (PR)

4x400 relay: 2nd place (PR), Quinn Rodewald, Karter Jurenka, Braxton Hajenga, Jaesun Yirsa

Shot Put: Hunter Moore 1st place (PR) 34-09, Ryder Galbavy 2nd place 34-04, Darrell Sunchild 6th place 33-05, Sonny Phillips 29-01, Dolan Sunchild 26-04, Chase Gasvoda 19-07

Discus: Darrell Sunchild 1st place 115-09, Ryder Galbavy 2nd place 114-02, Hunter Moore 7th place 92-04, Quinn Rodewald 8th place 89-06, Karter Jurenka 9th place 88-02, Dolan Sunchild 76-08, Sonny Phillips 69-09, Travis Wilford 57-04, Sky Not Afraid 54-01, Josh Hagen 53-05

Javelin: Quinn Rodewald 1st place 127-05, Ryder Galbavy 2nd place (PR) 121-09, Darrell Sunchild 7th place 103-09, Travis Wilford 92-04, Dolan Sunchild 81-05, Sky Not Afraid 67-08, Hunter Moore 53-04

High Jump: Braxton Hajenga 2rd place (PR) 5’6, Jaesun Yirsa 6th place 5’0

Long Jump: Jaesun Yirsa 4th place 17-01, Braxton Hajenga 8th place 15-07, Sonny Phillips 14-01, Chase Gasvoda 13-11, Josh Hagen 13-06, Travis Wilford 12-01, Sky Not Afraid 12-01 (PR)

Triple Jump: Sky Not Afraid 8th place (PR) 27-03

TOP 8 Meet:

Girls Results:

800m: Alex Worrall 5th place 2:41

1600m: Alex Worrall 6th place (PR) 5:47

Discus: Keira Galbavy 7th place 85-02

Havre Lions Meet: Girls Results:

100m: Lainey Terry 15.03, Carmen Tan 15.03, Elaina Weaver 15.2

200m: Carmen Tan 31.8, Lainey Terry 32.3

400m: Elaina Weaver 1:13

800m: Alex Worrall 6th place 2:39

1600m: Alex Worall 4th place 5:47

3200m: Brianna Terry 8th pace (PR) 17:50

4x400 relay: 8th place (PR) 4:48, Lainey Terry, Carmen Tan, Elaina Weaver, Alex Worrall

Shot Put: Keira Galbavy 27’2, Brianna Terry 25’8

Discus: Lainey Terry 5th place (PR) 91’6, Brianna Terry 71’5, Keira Galbavy 68’10, Elaina Weaver 64’10

Javelin: Keira Galbavy 90’10, Brianna Terry 60’2

Boys Varsity Results:

100m: Karter Jurenka 12.6, Jaesun Yirsa 13.3, Chase Gasvoda 17.7, Sonny Phillips 17.8

200m: Karter Jurenka 25.2, Sky Not Afraid 31.8

110H: Quinn Rodewald 20.7 (PR), Braxton Hajenga 22.03

300H: Quinn Rodewald 50.3 (PR)

4x100 relay: (no names), 1:21

4x400 relay:4:02 (PR), Braxton Hajenga, Quinn Rodewald, Jaesun Yirsa, Karter Jurenka

Shot Put: Ryder Galbavy 37’8, Darrell Sunchild 34’6, Dolan Sunchild 28’5, Sonny Phillips 27’2, Chase Gasvoda 20’8

Discus: Darrell Sunchild 7th place (PR) 121’6, Ryder Galbavy 8th place 119’5, Quinn Rodewald 89’9, Karter Jurneka 80’11, Sonny Phillips 78’8, Sky Not afraid 50’9, Travis Wilford 50’6

Javelin: Quinn Rodewald 127’6, Ryder Galbavy 126’9, Travis Wilford 96’4, Darrell Sunchild 96’0, Dolan Sunchild 73’4, Sky Not Afraid 65’6

High Jump: Jaesun Yirsa 5’0

Long Jump: Jaesun Yirsa 16’8, Travis Wilford 15’6, Sky Not Afraid 12’3

Boys JV Results:

Long Jump: Sonny Phillips 1st place (PR) 19’1, Chase Gasvoda 6th place (PR) 17’1

Coach Wendy had to say this about this last weeks track meets and going into Districts.tricts…………………………………………..