Adventures in the Big Sandy Library

The Big Sandy Library has been buzzing with excitement this summer, with a multitude of kids and adults enthusiastically participating in our reading program. Although I'm a bit late to share the news, the first three weeks were a whirlwind of adventure, with activities centered around the enchanting worlds of Wonderland, Narnia, and the Hobbit. We've got something for everyone, with children's activities at 1:00 on Mondays and 11:00 on Tuesdays, followed by a delightful story time on Wednesdays at 10:30 and a community luncheon at 12:00, generously funded by the Chouteau County Coalition.

I thought it was fun that even the lunches had a theme. For Wonderland, it was Tea Time with the Mad Hatter; for Narnia, it was Luncheon with the Beavers; and for The Hobbit, it was Second Breakfast. "We go over to Josh's maps, okay, because you have to order food, and they have to do it or, okay, like kind of thing because I and then we get volunteers to make the sandwiches."

Thursday has more activities. On the theme of Wonderland, they had a learning class about food safety at 10:30 and a craft, Bubble Art, at 1:00. They also had a snowball fight with socks, an activity during Narnia, and an Escape Room during the Hobbit.

There is always a movie at 1:00 on Fridays.

There are five weeks of activities in July. Week four is The Hunger Games; week five is Percy Jackson; week six is Peter Pan; week seven is Harry Potter; and week eight is The Wizard of Oz. Pick up a calendar to find out what is happening in July for activities, crafts, games, and lessons and what time they all are. It will also be on Facebook, but you can pick up a paper copy to tape on your refrigerator.

Stop and fill out the survey for the Chouteau County Libraries. It looks longer than it takes to do. It's easy to fill out and will be helpful for the Libraries.

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