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  • Big Sandy Kiddie Pool is out of commission for the summer

    Zoe Merrill|Jul 3, 2024

    We were constantly told that the Big Sandy Pool could not continue to be patched and survive. The time is here. The Kiddie pool is gone. Leslie Gregory, Big Sandy Pool Manager, told me, "When I came to work (at the pol) that morning, water was coming out of the side of the deck, like under the deck. There's a crack there. Where did all this water come from? It's not gushing, but it's enough to put water in our alley. I walked over there. Tim Labuda, thinks it's one of the jets that circulates...

  • Spooked Longhorn injures two at Summer Celebration

    Erik Sietsema|Jul 3, 2024

    The annual Summer Celebration parade in Fort Benton experienced a brief misadventure when the Texas Longhorn steer that was walking in the Saturday procession was spooked. Several spectators were injured, one requiring a mercy flight to Great Falls. Ultimately, none of the injuries proved serious. According to a Facebook post from the River Press, the incident took place "near the Front Street Roundabout by The Freeze." The Texas Longhorn steer, which is a regular feature in Fort Benton...

  • Sue King, Methodist Pastor, To step down

    Zoe Merrill|Jul 3, 2024

    Sue King, a devoted Methodist Pastor with a profound love for science and the Lord, bid farewell to her last Sunday Service in Big Sandy this past Sunday. Her pastoral duties also extended to Havre and Chester, where she traveled each Sunday. Now, she embarks on a new journey, taking up a science teaching role at Chester, where she will be imparting her knowledge to junior high and senior high school students at CJI High School. Sue said, "My Bachelor's was in chemistry, and then I have a...

  • Green Acres

    Tyler Lane|Jul 3, 2024

    Hailed Out and Emerged Volunteer Wheat Should be Sprayed Immediately after Harvest Information for this article was compiled from a Kansas State University Press Release in 2016. Producers often wait several weeks after harvest before making their first herbicide application to control volunteer wheat,” said Dallas Peterson, K-State Research and Extension Weed Management Specialist. “This allows as much volunteer as possible to emerge before spraying it or tilling it the first time. Often, a second application or tillage operation will be neede...

  • Mental Health at BSMC

    Jessica Ophus|Jul 3, 2024

    Late last year, Big Sandy Medical Center welcomed a new speciality to the clinic. Cheyenne Feltz is a Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner, bringing mental health services to the area. While receiving treatment for your mental health used to carry quite a stigma, that reality is changing. Seeing a therapist, counselor, or Psych NP is not something to be ashamed of or feared. You would likely not think twice about getting help from a urologist for your kidney health and well-being, or a cardiologist for your heart health and well-being. Cheyenne is...

  • Patching Cracks

    Erik Sietsema|Jul 3, 2024

    I officiated my first funeral as a pastor somewhere around 15 years ago. From the very start, I have made it a point to sit down and talk with the families of the deceased as long as possible in order to “get to know” the person I will be eulogizing at the service. As the years have passed, I’ve discovered a secondary benefit to these conversations. I inevitably discover something special that I try to take on as a habit. One conversation of this sort prompted my habit of writing letters to my wife, kids, family members, and friends. I don’t...

  • Marshall Lee Hayworth

    Jul 3, 2024

    Marshall Lee Hayworth 60, passed away June 4, 2024 following a long arduous year with cancer. He was born in Havre, MT to Ronald S. and Anitra Hayworth December 16, 1963. Marshall attended school in Loma, MT, Fort Benton, MT and Big Sandy, MT. On May 28, 1983 he married his high school sweetheart Rhonda Marten. Together they raised three children. They separated in 2018 and remained good friends. Marshall worked for Hi-Ball Trucking as a mechanic and Operations Manager since 1991. He was a very... Full story

  • Homecoming 2025 Update

    Jul 3, 2024

    Please send address/email updates for the following people to: • email – • Facebook, Big Sandy Homecoming page – private message with personal information • Homecoming Committee, PO Box 437, Big Sandy, MT 59520 2016 - Callie Phillips, Chandra Shwarzbach, Cheyenne Pegar, Eric Schwarzbach, Jeremiah Wing, Josh Solf, Lisa Pegar, Madison Reichelt, Mariah Sheehy, Molly Kain, Russell Mead, Stephon Wing, Zachary Works 2017 - Alexandra Richter, Caitlin Bailey, Gabriella Blatt, Laurence Allderdice, Matthew Louvar 2018 - An...

  • Pioneer Pen

    Jul 3, 2024

    Big Sandy School District Summer Food Program Dear Big Sandy Community Members: I wanted to write and inform the public of the status of our new Summer Food Program that was started here in Big Sandy this summer to help meet the dietary needs of children in our community, aged 1-18 during the summer months. This program is federally funded by the Department of Agriculture and is administered by the Montana Office of Public Instruction. Children Served Week 1: 130, Week 2: 170, Week 3: 180, Week 4: 193 This has been a big undertaking and as...

  • Conrad Swim Results

    Zoe Merrill|Jul 3, 2024

    By Zoe Merrill I was finally able to attend a Big Sandy swim meet. Being there reminded me of how much fun they are to watch. The sport is more than the development of athletes; it is also about families playing together with other families around the state. The swim team was in Conrad last weekend, with a huge park surrounding the outdoor pool. The weather was perfect, the pool warm, and the swimmers worked hard competing. There were 10 teams at this swim meet, including Big Sandy. They...

  • 4H Camp in the Little Belts

    Wren Danreuther|Jul 3, 2024

    The 4-H camp I went to was at Camp Rotary in the Little Belt mountains. When I got there registration was first. After that, I got to settle in at my cabin. Then I got to look around and find where everything was, such as the bathrooms, dining hall and the pavilion. The camp had boundaries such as we couldn’t go past the creek, cabins or cattle guard. After thirty minutes of unpacking and exploring it was time for dinner. Dinner was at 6:00, breakfast at 8:00, and lunch at 12:30. The whole camp was space themed so the cabins had planet names. M...