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 By Tyler Lane    News    September 23, 2020 

Green Acres

The eastern heath snail is the only snail species that climbs to the top of the vegetation to keep cool. This behavior is the main identifier for the species. If you live in other areas of the county and have discovered this species in the tops of...

 By Tyler Lane    News    September 16, 2020

Green Acres

The following information was prepared by Kevin Wanner (MSU Extension Entomologist). Emerging winter wheat can be particularly vulnerable to damage by grasshoppers. The larger adult stage grasshoppers are more difficult to control and can move into...

 By Tyler Lane    News    September 9, 2020

Green Acres

According to Laurie Kerzicnik (Montana State University Entomologist), grasshoppers continue to be an issue for several areas in Montana. Grasshopper infestations will continue to extend into the fall. High grasshopper populations this year could be...

 By Tyler Lane    News    September 2, 2020

Green Acres

The 2020 Chouteau County 4-H and FFA livestock carcass contest took place at Pioneer Meats in Big Timber. A total of 58 Chouteau County 4-H animals were evaluated for carcass quality by Mark King (MSU Extension Sweet Grass County). The purpose of...

 By Tyler Lane    News    August 26, 2020

Green Acres

Rejuvra™, active ingredient indaziflam, has received approval by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) for use on rangeland, CRP land, and natural areas, including grazed areas on these sites. Indaziflam was previously marketed as...

 By Tyler Lane    News    August 19, 2020

Green Acres

The 2020 MSU Pest Management Tour is a last chance opportunity for private applicators in Northcentral Montana to obtain recertification credits before the December 31, 2020 private applicator expiration date. Three credits will be offered for each...

 By Tyler Lane    News    August 12, 2020

Green Acres

Information for this article was taken from a Kansas State University Press Release. The entire article is located at Producers often wait several weeks after harvest before making their first herbicide application to control voluntee...

 By Tyler Lane    News    August 5, 2020

Green Acres

• Water trees three times a month in addition to watering your lawn. • Deep watering to a depth of 12” inches below the soil surface is recommended. Saturate the soil around the tree within the “dripline” (the outer edges of the tree’s...

 By Tyler Lane    News    July 29, 2020

Green Acres

4-H, the nation’s largest youth development organization, grows confident young people who are empowered for life today and prepared for career tomorrow. 4-H programs empower nearly six million young people across the U.S. through experiences that...

 By Tyler Lane    News    July 21, 2020

Green Acres

MSU Agriculture research centers have three test plots for winter wheat in Chouteau County. Research plots are managed by MSU Western Triangle Agricultural Research Center (WTARC) south of the Knees, MSU Northern Agricultural Research Center (NARC)...

 By Tyler Lane    News    July 15, 2020

Green Acres

I hope our Chouteau County gardeners have had a productive year growing vegetables, flowers, trees and shrubs. Below are a few tips for the month of August. • Renovate strawberries by mowing a minimum of every three years. Some people mow their...

 By Tyler Lane    News    July 8, 2020

Green Acres

Summer pneumonia in nursing beef calves is not uncommon, but occurs with low frequency. A wide variety of risk factors for summer pneumonia exist including relative success of colostrum antibody transfer, commingling of groups, weather changes,...

 By Tyler Lane    News    July 1, 2020

Green Acres

Bobcat is a high yielding solid stem hard red winter wheat with improved yield potential relative to other solid stem varieties. The variety will be available for non-certified seed producers in fall of 2020. The variety was developed by Phil...

 By Tyler Lane    News    June 24, 2020

Green Acres

What is up with all of the ash trees not leafing out around the County? What we are seeing is a case of fall freeze damage. The green ash trees were actively growing in the fall until late September and early October when temperatures dropped into...

 By Tyler Lane    News    June 17, 2020

Green Acres

Jane Mangold (MSU Extension Weed Specialist) has been getting quite a few calls about the efficacy of a bacteria used for cheatgrass control in rangeland. Below is an abbreviated version of the study and results. Cheatgrass (Bromus tectorum) is one...

 By Tyler Lane    News    June 10, 2020

Green Acres

MSU Agronomists (Richard Engel, Clain Jones, and Simon Fordyce) have put together a document on Soil Acidification Management. The document is available online at the following URL:

 By Tyler Lane    News    June 3, 2020

Green Arces

Laurie Kerzicnik (MSU Entomologist) wrote the article below to help Montanans prepare for the upcoming wasp and hornet season. Except for the Western yellowjacket, social wasps are typically not aggressive unless their nest is disturbed. Most are...

 By Tyler Lane    News    May 20, 2020

Green Acres

The Master Gardener program provides research based information for gardeners. Below are a few notes taken from the turf management portion of the program. • Rough bluegrass is probably the best grass in Montana for shady areas. • Kentucky...

 By Tyler Lane    News    May 13, 2020

Green Acres

Information for this article was compiled by Dr. Kevin Wanner (MSU Extension Entomologist) and Dr. Emily Glunk (Previous MSU Extension Forage Specialist). Alfalfa weevil is the key insect pest of alfalfa, causing variable levels of economic damage...

 By Tyler Lane    News    May 6, 2020

Green Acres

Below are a few notes I have compiled on biology and management of the stripe rust fungus. • Fungal spores attack wheat consuming the nutrients synthesized by the host plant. • Spread by green bridge and wind dispersal. Community disease like WSM...

 By Tyler Lane    News    April 29, 2020

Green Acres

Its Tick Season in Montana The following article was prepared by Laurie Kerzinik (MSU Entomologist). The common ticks in Montana this time of the year are the Rocky Mountain wood tick, Dermacentor andersoni, and the American dog tick, Dermacentor var...

 By Tyler Lane    News    April 22, 2020

Green Acres

Grass tetany is a metabolic disease of cattle associated with grazing lush, green pasture. The condition is caused by low blood concentrations of magnesium, which is a required mineral for cattle. When pastures are growing rapidly in the spring, gras...

 By Tyler Lane    News    April 15, 2020

Green Acres

The Chouteau County Extension office has compiled notes per communications and workshops from Extension professionals. If you have further questions, please do not hesitate to contact our office at 622-3751. • Testing seed for Ascochyta blight...

 By Tyler Lane    News    April 8, 2020

Green Acres

• Will removing half the vegetable plant leaves when transplanting reduce transpiration and wilting? According to Illinois Extension, pruning transplants to reduce water loss is not a recommended practice. Although pruning may reduce the extent of...

 By Tyler Lane    News    April 1, 2020

Green Acres

The Chouteau County Soil Moisture Survey was started by Judee Wargo in 1993 to assist farmers with determining recropping potential on cereal grain stubble. After 27 years, the Chouteau County Extension Office continues to compile data for...


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