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  • November 14 Town Council Meeting

    Zoe Merrill|Nov 17, 2021

    During Public Comment, Lorrie Merrill informed the council that it would cost $380 for each main street user to use a camera to look and see if there are any issues with their sewer. They recommend doing it closer to the spring because any makers they would make now would not be visible in the spring. Lorrie said she would get the contact information to everyone along the main street. There will be a significant donor visiting Big Sandy this week to consider a pool donation. Wendy also fixed the bookkeeping accounts to make sure we were in...

  • Veteran's Honored by Big Sandy Students

    Zoe Merrill|Nov 17, 2021

    For some reason, I always cry at the Veteran's Day Program. I thought it was because my daughter and her husband are veterans, but they have moved from Big Sandy. And I still found myself crying. It's deep within me; I guess that soldiers deserve so much more from us than a short day of honor. I think of my family's generations of involvement in serving. I often wonder how serving affected each person. I know when you do, you are changed. I believe that the Big Sandy High School Choir does a...

  • Armistice Day celebrated 100 years ago

    Erik Sietsema|Nov 17, 2021

    Veterans Day was last week. The holiday always lands on the eleventh day of the eleventh month in recognition of Armistice Day, which was the day World War I ended in 1918. Woodrow Wilson announced the end of the war to the nation, and the holiday, Armistice Day was established. The day was later changed to Veterans Day, when we honor the men and women who serve in our military. Researching our community's history this week, I discovered that The Mountaineer ran a front page story on the...

  • MSU Extension Chouteau County Has Hay Probe and Nutrition Decision Software

    Nov 17, 2021

    Sampling of hay is essential to livestock management. Hay sampling is best accomplished with a hollow core probe consisting of a stainless-steel tube and a sharp cutting end. The Chouteau County MSU Extension office has a hay probe available for check out. One core should be sampled from at least 20 bales from a lot of hay. A lot of hay is defined as hay harvested from a field of uniform maturity within two days. A lot should not exceed 200 tons. Poor sampling techniques and an inadequate number of samples (less than 20) are the largest...

  • All Conference Volleyball

    Nov 17, 2021

    Congratulations to Amiya Griffith for being selected as a 7C Volleyball 1st Team All Conference selection!...

  • Scott Ellingson

    Nov 17, 2021

    Scott Ellingson 1957-2021 Scott K. Ellingson of Beaverton, Oregon, passed away suddenly October 4, 2021. He entered this world on May 1, 1957, in Havre, Montana. He lived his early ears in Big Sandy Montana where his parents were teachers, and his dad also coached football. At an early age Scott learned he could climb on a chair and unlatch the hook on top of the door that was put there to contain hi. He would then walk through town and cross a highway to go help his dad coach the high school six-man football team. He was four years old. It... Full story

  • Patching Cracks

    Erik Sietsema|Nov 17, 2021

    I am nearly finished reading Tolkien’s novel “The Hobbit.” It is one of my all time favorite novels, and I have read it enough times that I have actually lost count. One of my favorite things about the novel is that the main character, Bilbo the hobbit, loves comfort and ease in life. He lives in a protected world where he never faces any difficulty or challenge apart from annoyance over inconvenience. For those unfamiliar with the story, Bilbo is recruited as a burglar to help a group of dwarves in their adventure. During the story, our hero...

  • Senior Center News

    Nov 17, 2021

    Thursday, November 18- BBQ Pulled Pork sandwich, veggies, coleslawand dessert. Friday, November 19- Thanksgiving Dinner with all the trimmings. Monday, November 22- Pizza casserole and Snicker Salad. Tuesday, November, 23- Cicken Fryied Steak, mashed potatoes, with gravy, corn on the cob, fruit, and Birthday cake. Wednesday, November 24- Tomato soup, and Grilled Cheese Sandwiches. Recipe of the week: Mini Croissant Crust Pecan PiesIngredients Pie Filling: ¼ cup unsalted butter 1 cup light brown sugar 1 cup light corn syrup 2 teaspoons kosher...

  • Book Reviews by Micheal

    Micheal Wright|Nov 17, 2021

    Haunting of Hill House is a horror novel written by Shirley Jackson that is sure to thrill you. The haunting of Hill House is a tale of four people who come together to experience shy a house is haunted and what the story is behind it. Hill House is an isolated house farm from the small town of Hill Valley, which makes a haunted house spookier than you can imagine. You have a doctor, a troublemaker, a diva, and a loner with a dark past as characters. Doctor John Montague is the one who brings...

  • Pioneers end their season at Froid 24-20

    Nov 17, 2021

    Big Sandy Pioneers end their season with a loss to Froid/Medicine Lake 20-24. The Pioneers giving enormous effort battled wind and a much older team. It was a great end to a dedicated group of young men. Their goal was to make the play offs and they competed their goal by playing in the semi-finals. Congratulations on a season with committed athletics! Take this accomplishment to inspire your next year's team....

  • "I will win if I don't quit."

    Zoe Merrill|Nov 17, 2021

    Both the volleyball and football seasons have ended with a loss. However, as one of the principles of Ro Wiggins says, "I will win if I don't quit," has been proven true. These teams saw weekly improvement. They worked so hard as a team; they have got to feel good about what they accomplished. I am so excited to see what they will achieve next year! Ro Wiggins is a young man originally from Louisiana who has been traveling Montana to give athletic camps in many small towns. He has a powerful...