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The Medical Guild Rummage Sale a Huge Success


October 10, 2018

This year's Medical Guild Rummage Sale was a huge success. Rough count says they made more money than before. More people attended this year and they came from Havre, The Hutterite Colony, Box Elder, Rocky Boy, and Seattle Washington. The weather was really nice. Mail, flyers, and advertising more on the internet this year could have contributed to the huge turn out. Also, this year the high school let the students out during PE classes to shop for spirit week costumes. Monday's are usually Mile Monday's, so they decided to turn it around and do their walking on Thursday.

There were more items donated this year and the pies came in so quickly and sold out both days it was impossible to count. Lisa Sipler was concerned Thursday night when there were no pies left, but she didn't need to worry because people brought more pies in the next day. People ate pie for breakfast, again one for a coffee break, took two more pies home, one for lunch and then one more for supper.

This year Dr. Robertson took the remaining adult winter clothes and children's clothes as she was shipping them to Africa. There was only half a trailer left that didn't sell and that was going to go to Great Falls to one of the 2nd hand stores.

"I see a lot of really good-looking pie. Clearly the point of this is, the best thing about it this, is the community. Everybody here is happy, full bellies, looking for good deals and having a good time. What you see is only part of it. Everyone recognizing each other, friends visiting. People wearing yellow shirts that says he likes pie."

"The key lime pie was astounding."

"I ate the best strawberry rhubarb pie I've ever eaten."

"I want three to go. Pecan pie, Cherry Cheesecake, and a Huckleberry please." He was taking them to the elementary school

Old friends yelled clear across the room, "Come over here and have some pie with me."

"I always buy jewelry."

"I needed jeans and I found a whole pile of Silvers for a dollar each!"

"I work it because it's fun and it's a community event. Everyone comes. You get to see a lot of people you don't get to see often. They come out of the woodwork."

"This is my first-there is so much stuff." As her eyes got big. She was a big book reader so she had a whole pile of books.

"It is a chance for me to look into other people's cash box to see what treasures I can find. Yes, I always do (find treasures)." She looks for vintage items.

Lisa was overcome with gratitude for the people of Big Sandy. The crew worked so hard for five days. It was a lot of work on a cement floor and everything was presented so neatly. So many people donated so freely with items to sell and all the homemade items for the raffle. People gave money for the great cause. Lisa was finding it difficult to find the words to express the incredible outpouring of love this community as for each other.


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