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December 5, 2018

This Christmas give yourself and others a gift of thinking before you speak. This is a recent poem I wrote for the Variety Show recently held in Big Sandy. It’s called The Power of Words.

I’d love to write a poem where the words have power

Power to help people to sing and dance

Or the power to crawl out of a hole

Or move them to action and stir them to service

I’d love to use words to help people to find peace and tranquility

allowing them to breath deep and finally to rest

Words can bring sweetness to the soul

By giving healing power to pain

With words, you can find beauty

And light for the darkness

Words can help discover joy

And incredible truth and awareness

Words can give meaning to life

Or can be the cause death

Careless words bring judgment;

Or quarrels that last a life time

Words can train and inspire

Can feed any necessity

Words can build strength

And satisfy any hunger

Words aren’t just a tool to communicate perceptions and emotions

Soft words turn away anger

Gracious words never belittle never quarrel

Civil words can quiet a boiling temper

If I could ever have the gift of words

The power of words

May I have the realization of Whose words I speak

May they be words of gold and of silver.


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